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New Features and Updates on Shipping Storm

November 07, 2018

We are adding new features and updating terms of use. Here is the list of the most important changes:

1. A small update in your US address. 

The suite number has been changed from Suite M3A to Suite M3. Phone number has been changed to 503-828-1869. However, the package sent to the previous suite will be delivered to our warehouse too. No worry.

2. Full Insurance option is now available. 

It is recommended for those who use shipping methods without built-in insurance such as USPS Priority or FedEx Economy. Full Insurance costs $3 per each $100 of insured value. Small fee for those who want to be on the safe side.

3. Since November 15th the rates for Boxberry Pickup and Boxberry Courier shipping options will be updated. 

Here is the example of the future rates by Boxberry Pickup to most of the Russian cities, 0.5kg package will cost $18, 1kg - $24, 1.5kg - $30, 2kg - $36, etc. The package under 0.3 kg will cost $12. This will help to support the maintenance of the warehouse and keep improving the service. 

4. Payment processing fee 4.4% has been removed. 

From now Shipping Storm clients don't pay extra for international transactions at all. We think it is fair. 

By using Shipping Storm on, you agree to these changes.

Thank you for mail-forwarding with Shipping Storm!

Best Regards,
Barbara Vybiralova
Owner of Shipping Storm

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