How shipping from US works

Video About Shipping Storm

Video About Shipping Storm

Get your FREE US address

Complete our registration form and you’re ready to start shopping. What you’ll get is a free US address to which you can ship parcels. We take delivery, handle with care and always keep your parcels safe for you. Take advantage of great US shopping deals, wherever you are in the world.

Registration is free and easy. There are no monthly fees at all. You’ll ever only pay for what you use, be it our shipping, special requests.

Shop online in US stores

Get great deals from major online US retailers like Amazon, and EBAY. Enter your Shipping Storm address at checkout and your items will be shipped to our USA Facility. Often for free!

You’ll save money as a Shipping Storm member, by getting:
  • A handsome 7-12% saving on every purchase, thanks to our tax-free status
  • Insider guides, latest deals and season offers at top US retailers
  • A guide for your country with exchange rates and duty and tax information
  • Hand-picked product recommendations especially for you

Delivery to your US address

You’ll get an email as soon as your products arrive at us. We’ll store your stuff safely and securely in our warehouse.

You can view and manage your packages online 24/7, and our experts will arrange export documentation for you. We’ll also make sure all your items are in perfect condition. As a Shipping Storm member, you’ll have access to a range of perks, including:
  • You can place special requests – like taking a photo or checking electrical devices. That way you can be sure you get what you ordered
  • Choose your favorite carrier and shipping method, or let us choose the least expensive
  • You can choose which items to consolidate (combine in to one order) to save money, and which to ship on express
  • You can request extra packaging material for safety, plus a variety of other packaging options
Consolidation, or shipping parcels together, will save you a bunch through us. And the best part? We consolidate for FREE, because we want you to maximize your shopping savings.

Get your stuff

Get fast delivery at discounted rates, thanks to our partnership with DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS.

We’re with you every step of the way. Once your package leaves our facility, we’ll ensure you get it on time and in perfect condition. We will:
  • Track your shipment from departure to delivery
  • Make your customs process easier with our masterfully prepared documentation
  • Give you peace of mind – our team will assist you through any issued until they are resolved
  • Get your package to you, wherever you are in the world.
We love to hear from our satisfied clients. It makes us happy. And we want to make you happy. So leave us feedback and photos of your delivered package and we’ll give you $3 off your next order with us! Discount code is valid for 90 days.