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Package consolidation is a simple way how to save money on international shipping

August 23, 2018

What is the package consolidation and what are the benefits of consolidating packages?

Consolidation is merely a process where we take multiple packages we receive on your behalf (boxes or plastic bags) and put them together into one bigger box.

Advantage? You know, when comes to shipping, the first kilogram is always the most expensive. Why? For the delivery company, it is not such a big difference if they deliver one kilogram, or five, to you. All the handling is essentially the same in both cases. The costs are very similar. The plane flies from the USA to your country in both cases. The truck and the driver must go to your place in both cases. Few kilograms more does not make a big difference in the delivery costs. Thus, you may pay, let’s say, $25 for one kilogram, but you will not pay $100 for four kilograms. It will be much less. More like $50 or so.Therefore, when your packages are shipped separately, each package will bear the burden of a minimum charge for the first kilogram. Shipping one package weighing 5 kilograms instead of five packages weighing 1 kilogram each will save you quite a lot of money.

See this example of recent consolidation. Our member, Sergei, had 14 different packages from different stores. Amazon, eBay, 6pm, Tommy Hilfiger and a few more. There were shoes, shirts, polos, glasses, and so on. Some were small and very light, about 100 grams. Few were much larger and heavier, as much as 3.1 kg. The combined weight of those 14 packages was 8.25 kg.

We unpacked all 14 packages, got rid of all the boxes, envelopes and extra stuff.  Then we repacked all 14 packages into one large box. The weight of the one consolidated box was only 6.1 kg. Quite a difference. See here:

Let’s do some math. Sergei paid the shipping fee of only $75.95 for this one package. If we were sending those packages individually, the shipping fee for all 14 shipments would be $176.30. By consolidating, he saved $100.35. In other words, he saved 57%! Did we mention that the consolidation is free service with Shipping Storm?

Picture worth of thousand words? Look here: