About Shipping Storm

About Shipping Storm

January 24, 2018

Have you ever written an article “About Us”? If your answer is “yes,” you may understand how I feel now. In this company, this is on me. And it is not easy. Maybe you, just like me, don’t like most of those “About Us” articles on most websites. They are usually full of empty words and often also full of lies.

And yes, we must also have a “Mission statement,” the “core values” according to which we live and work. Sure, we are great people, and all we do is for you, right? Almost for free. And we absolutely must have a “Unique Value Proposition.” You know, we must be very clear about why we are unique, different, better than any other mail-forwarding company.

We must give you a reason why you should use Shipping Storm and nobody else. Do we at least have some super cool story about how we started?

Well, if you expect big words and huge promises, then I am sorry. If you need me telling you how exceptional values we have, how amazing we are, the very best indeed, most reliable and fastest, yet at the same time the cheapest and most brilliant company ever, I am sorry. If you want to hear that we are the most friendly people on Earth, and we have the very best customer service in the world, and how we always not only meet but exceed your expectations, and that I care about you more than about my little kids, I am sorry. In that case, I will probably disappoint you. I won’t do that. Because everybody says something like that, everybody is “best.” Would you believe me, after all?

Who we are, then? We are a mail-forwarding company. There is nothing sexy about it. And there are hundreds of shipping companies, too. There is no “cool factor”. In the mail-forwarding business, there is no “trend-setting,” no “innovation” or “leadership,” either. Nothing “game-changing” like Apple, Google, Artificial Intelligence, Lego… you get the picture. Mail-forwarding is relatively simple, mostly just hard work.

There is this old saying that “honesty is the best policy.” So I will be honest with you. In fact, this is one thing I believe is a part of our Unique Value Proposition.

Yes, we are a brand new company. Small. Start-up. And we are competing against much bigger companies, much older, too. Some of them are in the game for over two decades. Some have hundreds of thousand customers. So what made us think we can even begin to compete with these companies? Well, we believe that we can do it better than them. But how will we persuade you to be client os a brand new, small company like Shipping Storm? Honestly, I don’t know.

But I know that not everybody is happy with those well-established companies. We had a few bad experiences ourselves with these mail-forwarding companies in the past. There were often hidden costs, poor handling of packages, lousy communication, and even outright lies.

I don’t know about you, but I hate when people, or companies, lie to me. I can tolerate mistakes, flaws, delays, whatever. We all are just people, after all, we are not perfect, and we all make mistakes. But I do not tolerate lies.

That’s when we decided no more. These companies have lost sight of what’s most important in their business. They’ve shifted the focus of their service to profits instead of customers. It’s sad. But that’s where Shipping Storm comes in.

Here lies the answer to this simple question: with so many companies out there, why would you want to go with Shipping Storm?

Well, because we care about you. We were you, not long ago, and we understand the frustrations you often go through with your shipments. We show our care by making a few promises, to do our best:

  • To always be honest and transparent – no hidden fees or costs.
  • To handle your packages with love and care – as we would our own.
  • To ship with those shipping companies which get your merchandise to you in perfect condition and in the shortest possible time.
  • To track your package and make sure delivery is smooth every time.
  • To do it all at the lowest possible cost.
  • To help you with the documentation, to avoid hiccups with customs.
  • To treat you the way you deserve – as the most crucial part of our business.
  • To make your shopping in the USA and shipping global as easy as possible for you.
  • Make everything we do and write simple and easy to understand.
  • Be ready to listen to you about what you like, what you don’t, how we can do better.
  • To be there when you need us. Answer your questions, solve problems, help you.
  • So you can always rely on us.

Will everything be perfect, now and always? I cannot promise that. Yes, we are just people, we are not perfect, and we have a lot to learn. But I want to assure you that we will always do our best. We will listen, learn, improve, and grow with you. We will solve problems and communicate clearly. We will help you do your shopping in the USA and shipping to your home as uncomplicated, stressless and worry-free as possible. 

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