About Shipping Storm

About Shipping Storm

January 24, 2018

As of January 2022, Shipping Storm has ceased independent operations and merged with our parent company, OPAS.

OPAS provide reliable, affordable international shipping and package forwarding service for over 30 years!

OPAS Founder and President, Toshiyasu Abe, started his company in 1990 with the idea to make the process of purchasing products from the U.S. much easier for potential buyers in Japan. At that time, international commerce was a much more harder for an individual consumer. There were few options for personal import, and most did not need or want to buy bulk quantities of items and ship them by slow-moving ocean freight.

Additionally, because the Internet was nowhere near as advanced as it is today, most consumers in countries outside the U.S. had very few resources to even determine what sort of products they could order and how to make these purchases – everything was mail order, a laboriously slow process compared to the point-and-click online shopping of today.

So with a big stack of catalogs, a fax machine, and a lot of hard work, Toshiyasu Abe built a company that helps Japanese customers to buy from the U.S. In time, the business expanded to serve most countries around the world.

Kaizen and package forwarding

OPAS is still an innovator in the international package forwarding. With Japanese business principle of Kaizen (constant improvement by a cycle of planning, execution and review), Mr. Abe continues to lead his company in providing the best possible service for international members.

To this day, we at OPAS pride ourselves on being the company that provides the most personal attention and detailed service for the varying needs of our members. We serve all kinds of members. Some are simply looking to buy the newest trendy shoes or the latest electronic gadget that’s not available in their country. Others are entrepreneurs ready to purchase in-demand stock for their own customers from the U.S. or Japan. OPAS serves their members as a reliable and flexible shipping partner.

International shipping, personal shopping and beyond!

OPAS is more than a package forwarding service. We connect you with your favorite brands, hobbies, and trends all over the world. We help you shop for the life you want, from anywhere in the world. To keep up with all the latest developments in the package forwarding industry, check out the package forwarding blog!


With a U.S. package forwarding address from OPAS, you can enjoy shopping from any U.S. store!

Plans Starting at $0 Per Month

Our Free plan has NO SIGN-UP FEE and NO MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE!. Pay only when you ship. Cancel anytime.

NO U.S. Sales Tax

You can shop tax-free at any U.S. store using an OPAS address in Oregon, where there is no state sales tax. U.S. state sales tax is usually 7%-10%. You will be surprised how much you can save!

Save On Shipping Costs by Consolidating your Purchases!

Our team of packaging experts will repack multiple purchases into a single box, significantly reducing your international shipping cost. We offer free storage of packages for 30 days – giving you time to bring in multiple purchases so you can consolidate and save!

No Hidden Fees!

We keep our service rates simple and easy to understand. You will never get hit with hidden fees.

Your Packages are Handled with Care

OPAS expert repackaging teams hand-pack your purchased products. Each shipment receives the utmost in personal care and attention. We pack your shipment as compactly as possible while ensuring it arrives to you safe and free from damage.

Bilingual Customer Service Team

Our U.S. Customer Service Team is fluent in Japanese and English, and is ready to help you with any questions you may have. Please contact us via email, phone, or fax listed below. You will receive a prompt response within one business day.


Phone: 1-503-262-7036
Fax: 1-503-262-7037
E-mail: service@opas.com


Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm (Pacific Daylight Time)
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays Closed