Shipping calculator and pricing

Shipping calculator
Destination country
Postal code
Approximate weight
  • Jeans (0.9 Kg / 1.98 lb)
  • T-shirt (0.2 Kg / 0.44 lb)
  • Coat (1.3 Kg / 2.86 lb)
  • Snickers (0.9 Kg / 1.98 lb)
  • Smartphone (0.5 Kg / 1.1 lb)
Package weight
Basic services are FREE
You pay just the processing fee ($3 per incoming package) and the shipping fee
  • Your personal address in the USA
  • Zero sale tax. Save up to 12% when shopping in the USA
  • No subscription fee
  • Photo of shipping label
  • Storage of incoming packages for up to 60 days
  • Consolidation of packages from multiple merchants. Save up to 80% on shipping fee
  • Repacking to reduce the weight of the package. Save up to 30% on shipping fee
  • Storage of outgoing packages for up to 7 days
Extra options
Remove original invoice
Disguise package value (for shipping gifts)
Add security tape
Security tape protects your package from unauthorised access.
Add extra wrapping material
$3 - $10
When shipping sensitive items, it’s best to add extra bubble wrap or other protection. Tell us what you’d like us to do below:
Remove original wrapping material
We can remove wrapping material that will lead to reducing weight and dimensions of the package.
Full insurance
$3 per $100
Full insurance covers both cost of declared items and shipping fee
Take photo
$2 per item
We take one or several photos depending on type of merchandise. If you need some special photo, please, let us know through the comment box
Package return with shipping label
Package return without shipping label
$10 and postage
Partial package return with shipping label
$5 plus $2 per item
Partial package return without shipping label
$10 plus $2 per item and postage
Wrong address fee
Split items to more shipments
$5 for each additional box
Power-on test for electricals
$5 per item
We do only power-on test. We do NOT check up device functionality or lock/unlock it. If you need some special check up, please, let us know through the comment box
Compare items with Invoice
$1 per item
We compare items with invoice only if invoice is provided by the merchant or if you provide the details of your order.