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Discount Codes Rules

December 20, 2018

1. Discount Codes: General Rules

1.1. Shipping costs can be reduced by using a discount code.

1.2. User may only use ONE discount code per eligible shipment.

1.3. To use your discount code user has to submit the code in the corresponding field on the Confirmation page when placing your shipping order.

1.4. Transferring codes to other users is not permitted.

1.5. Discount code credits can only be spent on Shipping Storm services.

1.6. We offer two types of discount codes:

  • A discount code for the first shipment.
  • A discount code for leaving a review.

2. First Shipment Discount Codes

2.1. User receives a discount code for the first shipment via email within 5 days after the initial registration on our website,

2.2. When user signs up on immediately with the modal window 'Get $3 bonus for the first shipment', user receives an email with discount code immediately.

2.3. Using the discount code for the first shipment reduces the shipping cost by $3.

2.4. The discount code for the first shipment is valid for 30 days from the date the email with the code is sent.

3. Discount code for a review

3.1. Customers who have shipped a package with Shipping Storm and already received it can receive a discount code for writing a review. To do so the user has to leave a text review and attach photo of your package and/or the package items in the client area on

3.2. By using the discount code for a review user can reduce the shipping fee by $3.

3.3. A discount code for a review is valid for 90 days from the date the email with discount code is sent.

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